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RAAMC Reunion 2017

 A few changes to our organising committee didn’t see  any detriment to the success of this years function with approx 85 in attendance with 15 apologies places us in good stead for continuing activities. The raffle as always was well received and the  items auctioned  by our guru Wally Harmer was again  extremely successful.The catering was  well prepared and plenty of ,and hence our appreciation goes out again to Peter Houlis and Gary Swadling.

 Can I also extend our thanks to outgoing committee members Annette Newell and Barry Campbell  for their past contributions to the Reunions.

 A few photo’s are attached of some members in attendance.The 2018 Function is planned for Sunday 18 th November 18  and as always we would enjoy the company of any interstate visitors to join us  .This will be our 30 th Year anniversary of our State Gatherings and look forward to it . We in the West would like to extend our Best  Xmas wishes  and Prosperous New Year to all  “

 See image gallery with reunion phtotos HERE 

 Kind regards

Mick O’Sullivan OAM MM
Instructor of Cadets
M: 0421 387910




 RAAMC Reunion 2014 PERTH WA 
On Sunday 16 November 2014 ,ninety old and bolds from Medical and Nursing Corps met at the SGT's Mess, Irwin Barracks Karrakatta Perth , to enjoy a BBQ Lunch ,renewd friendships and just have a pleasant Sunday afternoon. As this Annual event  other than ANZAC Day ,  that  past members  may get together , it is a very much  a " looked forward to event " .Our long time supportive Chef's ( 23 yrs ) in Peter Houlis and Gary Swadling did an outstanding job as usual .



The  highly prized Raffle  draw was pre-empted this year with an  auction  of WW1 Gallipoli Medal collection that our Auctioneer extraordinaire  Wally Harmer conducted a cracking pace. A excellent price was achieved and the happy couple of Des and Judy Shelton took away their prized item.


With a few new first timers came Dr Max Traub and his wife Elissa. Dr Traub was known to many and enjoyed the afternoon chatting .LTCOL Andrew Gordon was also visiting from the Eastern States and was pleased to be able to attend .Our spritely State Hon Col RAAMC  Allan Wright and his wife Dianne were also in attendance and its always nice to catch up .



The group and other photo's showing  members also enjoying the day are  attached .
Again congrats are extended to Barry , Annette , Peter for their combined work to ensure that we all enjoy this much appreciated gathering .


Planned Date 2015 is  Sunday 15 th November  and would love to entertain any possible Eastern State visitors on this day . "




The  RAAMC  Old & Bolds WA  were out in force  with the Annual Reunion BBQ being held at the Area Sgt’s mess Karrakatta on Sunday 15 th Nov with a nice humid day  ensuring that many ales were consumed to not only quench the thirst but add substance to the past stories being  retold.


The  planned  attendance of our National Corp HON COL  John Taske  ensured our numbers would be up.   126 were in attendance which included again the currently run GRES Combat Medic’s course.   This  added that Uniformed flavour to the day and allowed our Old / Bolds to hear of the Training of the Medic’s within the system today .   One of our older gentleman in attendance had a mishap/fall during the afternoon and although he was okay,  the course members responded well thinking  it was a Medical Scenario that was part of their course.


A couple more formal aspects during speeches occurred with recognition of our Chef’s in Peter Houlis  and Gary Swadling who have voluntarily  given their services to our functions for the past 19 and 18 years respectively and  this was  acknowledged with a presentation gift  by all in attendance .( see attached  Photo )  Again thanks goes to Ian Meerilees our resident Trophy maker who does an outstanding job.  Mick  OSullivan  was also recognised in a similar  fashion for his contribution over 22 years and a couple of new faces in Annette Newell and Barry Campbell have shown an interest to coordinate the functions  for the  future .


The sad loss of one of our  own more recently in Ex Major Ron Sutton ( 4/9/09 ) was acknowledge with a quiet reflection as he had been a strong supporter of our gatherings in the past years and will be sadly  missed.   Five more  1 st Timers were welcomed onto the nominal roll and attended  this year .  


We had Interstate  visitors in  the retired  Eddie Bradshaw and Anneka  attend as they “ WINE “  their way around Australia  in the big flash Mobile home.   It was great to catch up with them and  even more so, when I kicked Eddie’s touché  on the Golf course a few days earlier but again his excuses were  many and varied ??


Our  function for 2010 is planned for Sunday  14 th  November and  we would always be happy to host any of the  Corps  visitors who maybe in our   Sunny State of  WA.



Reunion 2008


On Sunday 16 th Nov 2008, WA Old and Bolds again had their Annual gathering at the Irwin Bks Sgts Mess Karrakatta with 119 in attendance .       We were  particularly pleased to have in attendance the President of the State RSL  Bill Gaynor OAM  who is a retired Ex member of the CORP and in his demmanding RSL  position  has not been able to attend for some years due to other corresponding functions.


We  were also  fortunate to have  WO2 Alaistair MacKenzie  who in his role as the OPSWO at the Health Services Coy here in WA, was able to bring down the current Students off the Combat Medic's Course to join us and they  mixed well within our gathering giving some insight as to the training  that they are currently going through.


It was also great to have  Interstate Visitors  in Rod and Jenny SEARLE and John  DE Boer  join us  and for  those perhaps planning a trip in 2009 to the West  our function is proposed for Sunday 15 th November and we would love to share the day.


It was  expressed by all in attendance  that this gathering is well marked on there forthcoming years social  calendar and with that continued  support, it  again presents  well for  the CORP here in the West for 2009.


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Reunion 08


Reunion 08


Reunion 2007


The Annual gathering of the WA RAAMC "Old and Bold" occurred on Sunday 18th Nov 2007 with this our 20 th Anniversary and what a great one it was .We celebrated the occasion with also the hosting of the National Reunion of 1 Aust Field Hospital which was being held here in the West .


All up we had 234 in attendance which placed some strain on the Area Sgt's Mess at Karrakatta which had not seen numbers of this volume for some years. It was seemingly endless the reminiscing and old medical "war" stories that were being retold with a tad more mistruths and excitement enhanced versions as we all grow older .


The catering was brilliant, the Raffle prizes multiple and the great Ale's of the West flowed freely as those in attendance showed in the right environment. the right Company that we of the CORPS still have the social prowess to stay with the best. (Albeit on light beer these days.)


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Reunion 07


Reunion o7


Reunion 07


Some members in attendance were ; Wally Harmer , Barry Campbell , Alairstair Mckenzie , Mike Galvin , Jan Honter , Clarie Tink , Dave Triat , Peter Tuck , Chris Muller , Olga Greig , Debney Clarke.


1 Aust Fd Hosp Members Mick Tuttle , Derrick Hood , Paul Tyson , Dave Rossi , Kevin Lawler , Don Chapman , Anne Newell . Rod Searle .Trish Ferguson , Ann Healey and many more.


The positive feedback on the success of the function again showed the hospitality and strength in numbers of the 'Old and Bold' here in the sunny West are continuing to prosper.


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Reunion 2006


The Reunions are an informal gathering of past and present members of all ranks within the CORPS here in the West and currently boasts several past COs and RSMs of SOAH who have regularly attended. It has been held at varying Army establishments and a small cost covers postage and catering of a BBQ provided on the day. It is held on a Sunday in November each year to coincide as close to the granting of the Royal to the CORP (10 November 1948).


In 2007 the function will be held on Sunday, 18th November and will encompass the hosting of the National Reunion of 1 Aust Fd Hosp. who will be in the West.


Regular attendees of some note are as follows: Maurie Timewell, Peter Short AM, Burt Furgeson, Ron Sutton, Ray Itzstein, Claire Scott, Debney Clark, Mark Donaldson, Steve Gaunt, Wally Harmer, Anne Newell.


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Reunion 06


Reunion 06


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