Current Minutes


Committee Meeting Minutes – RAAMC Association – Victorian Branch


Held at Wharf Hotel Wednesday 7 March 2018



  1. 1.                  Welcome: Paul welcomed those present and thanked them for their attendance.
  2. 2.                  Attendance: Paul Terawskyj, John Staley Marek Turski and Brian Clarke.


  1. 3.                  Apologies: Andrew Marshall.


  1. 4.                  Acceptance of Previous Minutes: The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.


  1. 5.                  Reports:

    President: Paul advised that articles on the dedication ceremony for Sir W.D.C. Williams hade been published in the Australian Army Combined Health Corps Journal.

    Treasurer: Marek submitted a written submission on the financial state of the Association. Currently the balance stands at $2384.64


  1. 6.                  Correspondence:
    Letter from Head of Corps reference Corps Birthday
          Letter from RAAMC Assoc Inc regards 2017 Reunion

      2/3 AHS Centaur Assoc Inc Newsletter
      Letter from Mr Ray Reynolds ref articles in the AACH Corps Journal

Out: Anzac Day 2017 details
         Dedication Ceremony details for Sir W.D.C. Williams
         AACH Corps Journal mail out


  1. 7.                  General Business:

    The Calendar of events is being worked on and should be ready for distribution in the next week.

    Anzac Day Parade details to be finalised

    The AGM will be held at the Healesville RSL on the 8 July at midday. Election of officers bearers will be conducted, please give thoughts to nominations. The Secretary to organise meeting and advice on updates.

    Mark Stonehouse (social member) has tendered his resignation from the committee.


  1. 8.                  Next Meeting:

    The next committee meeting will be held on 17 October, venue TBA



There being no further business, the meeting was declared closed at 1945.