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A committee of serving and ex-serving members of the Health Services in South Australia are now meeting on a monthly to engender an interest in Army Health Service History in serving and ex-serving members in this State to ensure the history of the Health Services is preserved. The committee will be engaged in the collection of historical data to build up the Health services history in this State. The committee has formed an affiliation with the Army Museum of South Australia Foundation (AMOSAF) to ensure that any significant artefacts and documents are lodged with museum. All committee members are members of AMOSAF. It is hoped that as interest increases health services personnel will engage in the physical preservation and maintenance of artefacts. The initial intention of this group is to encourage the collection of documentation, photos and other historical data to lodge with the Army Museum of South Australia (AMOSA) and to post historical information on the RAAMC website which will be also linked to the AMOSA site.

Army Health Services Historical Research Group Committee Members

COL M. Jelly (Chair), GPCAPT C Verco (Vice Chair), COL S Cameron (Minute Secretary), COL A Summers (Treasurer), LTCOL S Kuusk (Treasurer), COL B Mollison, COL J Aiello, COL DD Beard, LCDR A Swain, MAJ Melbourne (Membership Officer), COL Bruce Perks (Social Member).


LTCOL J Wesley, COL J Shepherd, COL PD Byrne, COL V Andersons, COL R Freeman. COL P Thomas, COL B Beal.

Rural Members

COL PD Byrne

COL R Carter

LTCOL J Shepherd

The Army Health Services History Research Group intends to create sub-groups that will include,

a. RAAMC including Hygiene and Pharmacy





The Purpose of the Group is to:-

To identify sources of South Australian Army Health Services history and memorabilia and to Collect, collate and publish army health services history. The group encourages any serving or ex-serving South Australian health services member to post any information of historical significance on this web-site.


SA History Committee Minutes 



SA History Committee Various Documents