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ANZAC Day March Brisbane Queensland 2023


The necessary information which can be found on line searching: 


I have attached a copy of the map.

We would welcome your participation.

We meet on George Street between Charlotte and Mary Street (Group 4 on the map).  

Please arrive about 1000 to 1015 though we often do not move off until nearly 1100this time is very variable. 

The March disperses in Creek Street at the junction with Eagle Street. It no longer turns into Queen Street though buggies will follow that old route

Basically you have to walk in and out due to road closures from early morning and you can only cross Adelaide Street by the pedestrian overpass at ANZAC Square after the march commences at about 0930.

Normally we do not wear uniform, RAAMC application forms (membership is free)Association badges are available for distribution and of course medals are worn.

Please come along and make yourself known. Wear a name badge if you have one so we can recognize you. 


Volunteers to re-establish a committee to continue Association activities in Brisbane are being sort now we can meet following all the disruptions due to Covid. 

Should you be willing to assist please contact Col (Rtd) Peter Sharwood at:


There have been no arrangements made for post march gatherings as such but you are welcome to meet up. A lot of us go to the United Service Club in Wickham Terrace as we are members but if you are not, you can be signed in and of course you are welcome to consider military or civilian membership of the club as it is campaigning at present for new members.


There will be a dawn Service at 2nd Health Battalion within Gallipoli Barracks however you will need to contact 2HB to obtain details, and if you no longer have a gate pass, expect long delays to enter the barracks.


For Regional areas please contact the local RSL and no doubt Lavarack Barracks in Townsville will have appropriate celebrations

I wish you a memorable ANZAC Day






















































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