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The RAAMC Association (NSW Branch) proudly supports the following RAAMC Unit Associations:

The RAAMC Assn Inc
1 Field Ambulance
2 Field Ambulance
5 Field Ambulance
8 Field Ambulance
11 Field Ambulance
Callsign Vampire

MAJGNEN Jeffrey Rosenfeld Surgeon General DHR, COL Suresh Badami Honorary Colonel NSW and WO Theo Dechaufepie (Retd) National President (Former)



On behalf of the members of the RAAMC Association Inc, that we send a Hearty Congratulations to the new Surgeon General Australian Defence Force Reserve (SGADFR) MAJ GEN Charles New OAM. Well Done Sir.




To be held on the 4th October 2019 at 1100hrs in the Paddington RSL CLUB. 

All members are welcome, if you intend on being present please email Theo Dechaufepie on Email:



 Reserve Forces Day March Newcastle  on 6th July form up at 1030hrs Lamen Street (above Civic Park) Newcastle. 

Battle For Australia Commemoration is held on the 4th Sep 19 details to follow 

Quarterly Meeting 4th Oct 2019

Combined Annual Mixed Luncheon 30th Nov 2019 










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RAAMC Association (NSW Branch) Contacts
David Czerkies  State President NSW Branch
Theo Dechaufepie State Secretary
Ron Foley State  Assistant Secretary
Ann Jackson State Treasurer
Theo Dechaufepie Webmaster
Alan Curry Pubilicity Officer/5 Fd Amb Rep.
  Pensions Officer  


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