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ETHICAL SOLDIERS: The first of the Jonathan Church Ethical Soldier awards for 2016 was presented to an RAAMC CORPS MEMBER.

The RAAMC ASSOCIATION congratulate Pte Daniel Bodsworth. 

"Pte Bodsworth joined the Army in 2012 and received the award in recognition for frequently displaying clinical and military expertise of the highest orrde, including superb examples of dedication to the patients under his care, especially in situations of high stress and crisis."


The RAAMC ASSOCIATION Congratulates  LT COL Clark Flint , CAPT Peter Del Fante and CPL John Hickey on the their awards.

THREE members of the RAAMC were recognised for achievements in their trade by their Colonel-in- Chief Governor-General Gen Sir Peter Cosgrove at a special cer- emony at Government House on February 11.

The Governor-General jointly awarded the Harkness Memorial Medal to Lt-Col Clark Flint and Capt Peter Del Fante, and the C.F. Marks Award to Cpl John Hickey. 


 The RAAMC Association Congratulate the following Corps Members on their GALLANTRY and Bravery awards:

Medal of Gallantry

Cpl Jeremy Holder: Displayed outstanding gallantry and a high level of clinical care. While per- sonally under fire, he triaged and treated casualties.

Distinguished Service Medal

Sgt Damien Silva: His excep- tional competence, level-head- edness and leadership of com- bat first-aiders in the treatment of seriously wounded personnel, directly saved lives.

Sgt Bradley Watts: Led a small team of soldiers who, while under fire from anti-coalition mili- tia, evacuated a seriously injured soldier.’

Commendation for Gallantry

Cpl Bernard Ryan: Despite being seriously injured by an IED and while under enemy fire, acted selflessly and highly professionally. After treating the other injured soldiers he treated his own wounds.

Cpl Coen Ward: With complete disregard for his own safety, he calmly moved forward to relieve a less experienced first-aider and rendered life-saving inter- vention.

 Commendation for Distinguished Service for distinguished performance of duty in warlike operations and in action

Maj Dan Pronk: Led a team of medics during the conduct of prolonged engagements with insurgents throughout southern Afghanistan and regularly risked

his safety to treat injured person- nel in dire circumstances.’

Cpl Jacqui De Gelder:

Demonstrated a distinguished level of skill, medical knowledge and selflessness while attend- ing multiple incidents involving seriously wounded or dying personnel, including Australians, Afghan National Army and local nationals.

Cpl Garry Francis: His prompt and decisive actions, his direc- tions to others, and his superior care saved lives.

Cpl Benjamin Tribe:

Demonstrated exceptional dedi- cation, technical competency and gallantry under fire in the performance of his duties in

the emergency treatment of Australian commandos, Afghan locals and enemy combatants.’

Maj Dan Weber: Distinguished performance of duty in warlike operations and in action as the Regimental Medical Officer.

Maj Marty Graves:

Demonstrated exceptional dedi- cation in his performance of duty as the Medical Officer attending to mass casualties as a result

of the detonation of a suicide bomber. His expert skill and tire- less dedication saved the lives of at least six Afghans and ensured the quality of life of many others.

WO2 Jason Carter: In the immediate aftermath of the blast from an improvised explosive device, Sgt Carter displayed exceptional compassion and immense personal courage while caring for an Afghan casualty. 





Companion (AC) in the General Division

MAJGEN Jeffery Rosenfeld AM OBE

Medal (OAMof the Order Of Australia

Major John Wilsen

WO1 Kym Felingham NSC

Mr Terence Irvine member 5 Fd Amb Assoc.

Mr Theo Dechaufepie NSW State Secretary










1st Australian Field Hospital Association Inc., 2018 reunion

The 1AFH Association is to hold the 2018 reunion in Melbourne on Friday, May 11th to Tuesday, May 15thOn behalf of the President & committee, all members and past members of the Association or Unit are welcome to attend. This reunion will be the 50th anniversary of the Unit’s establishment, in Vung Tau, SVN on April 1st, 1968.

Contact the Secretary, Jeff Gilbert, on 03 5772 1828, 0409 240 238 or email for details and information. 

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