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November 11, 2021, 21:29

NB: Covid -19 Restrictions may affect our dates!

RAAMC & HSCA Inc Notices for 2021

* The NSW Branch of the RAAMCHSC Assn Inc. will only hold ONE meeting per year. This will be the AGM. If more meetings are necessary, you will be notified.

If you were, or are still, a member of a RAAMC unit and would like to join the Association (IT IS FREE), please contact either of the below contacts for an Application Form.

Please contact the President, MAJ David Czerkies (0428.425.143) or the Secretary, Greg Cant (0420.875.575) or myself, Alan Curry OAM (0427.82.4646) if you would like to attend. You are most welcome to join us for Lunch, in the club, after the meeting.



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VALE - 2021

Norma HUTTON (passed away 6-12-2020)

Marguerite MAXWELL 20th February

MAJ John LAYHE EM 7th May

Roy CROSSLEY 25th June

Mavis DENNIS 29th June

Greg HUBBARD 1st August

Barry SAINSBURY 24 September

Olive DODD 23rd October

Alan ROBINSON 5th November




 # To our ADF members from 5 CSSB Health Company, both ARA and Reservists, for their ongoing deployments and efforts in the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Association is proud of you all.

To our President, MAJ David Czerkies OAM CStJ on his recent investiture of the Order of St John (See David's article in our WINTER Issue 2021) and also the announcement, in the 2021 Queen's Birthay Honours List of awarding David with the OAM for his valuable contribution to St John's Ambulance.

# Tom Pritchard. Tom is congratulated on reaching his 100th Birthday on the 24th August. He is a well-respected "Rat Of Tobruk" who served with distinction in the 2/5th Field Ambulance during WW 2. He might well be the last remaining member! Our Association wishes Tom a very happy reunion with all his family on this very special milestone.


 WELCOME to NEW  members during 2021:-

Pamela AROPIO (Nee Christensen) (Associate and Life member)


Betty CROSSLEY (Life Member)

Brian DOYLE (Associate & Life Membeer)

Brian JESSOP (Assosiate Member)

Barbara PORTER (Associate & Life Member)

Cliffton SMITH

Margaret TANNER (Associate Member)

Maureen TAYLOR (Associate Member)



Bar-B-Q DINNER: SATURDAY 13th NOVEMBER at 1800 hrs.

COST: FREE. DRESS: Smart Casual. PLACE: Holsworthy Barracks, Mount St Quentin Lines, Maxwell Club, Macquarie Circuit. RSVP by 10th November to Alan Curry 0427824646

"Mixed" Annual Reunion Luncheon SATURDAY 27th NOVEMBER

Club Parramatta, 2 Macquarie Street, Parramatta (near train station). DRESS: Casual. Friends and family most welcome. COST $25 per head (Children under 16 ,$15 P/H) (RSVP by 24th November. Enquiries-Alan Curry 0427824646)


Do you know any Organisation which may be interested in placing their 'Ad' in our magazine? Please contact our secretary, Alan Curry OAM (0427824646) so that he might contact them of our very affordable costs for a Full Page (A4), or 1/2 or 1/4 page for 12 MONTHS and will be inserted in our 4 quarterly issues.


* We are now on "FACEBOOK" and we thank our committee member, Ann Jackson, for starting this off. We invite all our members, who have a computer with the internet, to 'log on' to us and have a say and let us know what you think?! (Thank you Ann.)

Facebook Group  you need to request to join the group.

You can also 'click' on to General Updates and view our current (and past) magazines.


* Would you like to purchase a past copy of our magazine (while they last)? $7 per copy (includes postage). Contact Alan-0427824646)


* Our current (and previous) Quarterly Newsletters are now on our 'site'.


 * We have produced a "SPECIAL Limited Edition" 2015 Commemorative Calendar.

These wonderful "Keepsakes" are still available to purchase @ $7  each (Incl Postage).


* Our Centenary DVD's are now available ($20 each-incl postage). This DVD is a wonderful memento of the Queens Park (Sydney) Centenary Parade.

* We have a limited number of Centenary "POLO" Shirts, with pocket ($70). Let me know your size. The payment details for any of the above is listed below.

Your purchases will greatly assist our finances.

(You may pay by cheque or Money Order to; "5 Field Ambulance Association" and post to either Ann JACKSON, Hon Treasurer, 64 Morris St., ST MARYS NSW 2760, OR Alan Curry OAM, Hon Sect, 35/1a Gordon Close, ANNA BAY NSW 2316. If you would like to pay by a Direct Deposit, our banking details are; BSB:637000, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 717253825, ACCOUNT NAME: 5 Field Ambulance Association, BANK: Greater. (Please identify yourself). For further info. please call Alan Curry on 0427824646. Our committee sincerely thanks you in advance.


Join Us

Have you submitted your Application Form to join our Association ($15 per year or LIFE MEMBERSHIP $100) and/or the RAAMC Association Inc.? (This is FREE). If not, please do so. A form is included in each of our quarterly magazines but please contact me if you would like one mailed to you. (Alan Curry OAM 0427.82.4646)



We have had donated a number of "Bumper Stickers" (25cm X 6cm) for $5 each (posted) or $7 for two, $9 for three, $11 for four. If you would like any please contact Alan (0427.82.4646). I will also have them at our Reunion Lunch ($2 each) on our Reunion day (Saturday 30th November-Noon-3pm, at the Paddington RSL Club. Oxford Street, Sydney opposite the Town Hall).


A - I

Title First Name SURNAME
Mr Samuel ALEXANDER (Life Member)
Mr Michael ALI OAM (Life Member)
Mr Tony ARMSTRONG (Associate Member)
Mrs Pamela AROPIO (nee Christensen) (Associate Member & Life Member)
COL Suresh BADAMI OAM RFD (Life Member)
Mr Adam BAILEY (Associate & Life Member)
Dr Robert BAILEY (Life Member)
Mr Trevor BARNES RFD (Life Member)
WO 1 Warren BARNES OAM (Committee) (Life Member)
Mr Alan BECKERLEG (Life Member)
Mr Fred BELL (ASM) (Committee) (Life Member)
Mr Scotty BOYD (Life Member)
Mr Greg BROWN (Associate Member & Life Member)
Dr Harding BURNS OAM (Life Member)
SGT Robert (Bob) BUTLER (Life Member)
LTCOL Derek CANNON RFD (Co-Patron) Life Member)
Mrs Edna CANNON  (Life Member)
Mr Greg CANT (Life Member)
Mrs Felicity CAREY (nee Evans) (Associate Member) (Life Member)
WO 1 Michael CARLSON  (Life Member)
CMDR James (Jim) CHAPMAN (Rtd) RAN (Life Member)
Mr John CHARTER (Life Member)
CAP Noel CHRISTENSEN RFD (Ret'd) )Committee) (Life Member)
Mr John CLEGG (Life Member)
LTCOL (ACC) David COOPER OAM (Life Member)
Mrs  Betty CROSSLEY (Life Member)
Mr Joseph CRUMLIN OAM (Associate Member & Life Member)
Mr Alan CURRY OAM (Hon Sect) (Life Member)
Mr Greg CURRY (Life Member)
Mr.  John CURRY (Life Member)
Mr Patrick CURRY (Life Member)
Mr Stephen CURRY (Associate Member & Life Member)
Mr. R.G. (Gordon) CURTIS (Life Member)
MAJ David CZERKIES OAM CStJ (President of Association $ NSW Branch RAAMC & HSCA Inc.) (Life Member)
MAJ Peter DALGLEISH RFD (Life Member)
WO 11 Theo DECHAUFEPIE OAM (Life Member)
Mr George DONNELLY (Life Member)
Dr Ken DOUST OAM (Life Member)
Mr Brian DOYLE (Associate & Life Member)
Mr Stuart DOYLE (RAAF) (Life Member)
Mr Glenn EAST
LTCOL Andrew ELLIS OAM (Life Member)
Mr. David EMANUEL (Associate Member)
Mrs Julie EVANS (Associate & Life Member)
Mr Tony EVANS (Associate & Life Member)
MAJ Madeline EVES RFD (Life Member)
Mr Philip FAGUE (Life Member)
Mr Laurie FARRUGIA (Life Member)
Mr Brett FERRARI (Life Member)
Mrs Phyl FITZSIMMONS (Associate Member)
Mrs Adrienne FOLEY (Associate & Life Member)
Mr Ron FOLEY (Committee) (LIfe Member)
LTCOL Paul FOOKES (Rtd) (Life Member)
Mrs Frances FOOKES (nee Henderson) (Life Member)
Mr Richard FORD (Life Member)
MAJ John GALLAGHER (Life Member)
Mrs Glenda GARDE (Associate Member)
Mr Joe GATTY (Life Member)
CAP JOHN GORRELL RFD (Rtd) (Life Member)
Mrs Margaret GORRELL (Associate & Life Member)
M/s  Victoria GORRIE (Life Member)
Mr Gordon GRANT (Life Member)
Mr Barry (Bob) GRIEVES (Life Member)
Mrs Betty HAMILTON (Associate & Life Member)
Mr Tomas HAMILTON (Life Member)
Mr John HEAD  (Life Member)
Mrs Ruth HEDLEY (Associate Member)
CAP Ken HELSBY (Life Member)
MAJ Eileen HENDERSON OAM RFD (nee Anderson) (Life Member)
Mr Rodney HOGAN (Life Member)
MAJ James HOOLAN Jr.USMC (Rtd) (Life Member)
M/s Joanne HOVELING (Associate & Life Member)
Mr Edmond HUNG (Life Member)
LTCOL Sandy HUNT-SHARMAN RFD (Ret'd) (Life Member)
Mr Kevin HURRELL (Life Member)
COL Ray HYSLOP OAM RFD (Co-Patron) (Life Member)
CAP Jim ILIOPOULOS (Life Member)
CAP Natalie ILIOPOULOS (nee Polydoropoulos) (Life Member)
Mr Victor INESON
Mr. Brian INMAN
Mr Bruce INMAN
Mr Terry IRVINE Life Member)
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