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5 Field Ambulance 

2/5 Field Ambulance Playing two up

Members of 2/5 Field Ambulance playing two-up at Blue Beach while waiting for orders to embark for the Oboe 2 operation. Identified are VX21315 Private (Pte) R H Wilshire (1); VX12179 Pte H H Hicks (2); QX38619 Pte R R Pershouse (3); QX50540 Pte C A T Lax (4); NX162657 Pte R J Shields (5); QX37746 Pte W L McGuire (6).



This is NOT a complete list. It is a list of past and present members I have gathered over the  years who have been, or still are, involved in our Association—some have Passed Away.

I have included all the 2/5th WW 2 personnel and some WW 1. If you have been a past member and your name is NOT recorded OR if you have a relative who served in WW 1, WW 2, post WW 2 Militia or National Service with 5th Field Ambulance, and can provide me with their/your details, I would be honoured to add his/her/your name to this Honour Roll.

Alan Curry OAM—Hon Sect. 5 Field Ambulance RAAMC Association.



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