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VALE- 2018

Ben CASTLE passed away 17 January 

George CARUANA passed away 25 January.

Geoff PRECIANS passed away 29 January

Charles O'MEALLY passed away 8 February





Our Association sincerely congratulates our two Life Members, Theo Dechaufepie and Terry Irvine, on being named in the 2018 Australia Day Honours Lists for being awarded the OAM in the Civilian Division.  A well-deserved Award and on behalf of our Association our heartiest congratulations to you both.


WELCOME to NEW members in 2018:-




Do you know any Organisation which may be interested in placing their 'Ad' in our magazine? Please contact our secretary, Alan Curry OAM (0427824646) that he might contact them of our very affordable costs for a Full Page (A4), or 1/2 or 1/4 page for 12 MONTHS and will be inserted in our 4 quarterly issues.


* We are now on "FACEBOOK" and we thank our committee member, Ann Jackson, for starting this off. We invite all our members, who have a computer with the internet, to 'log on' to us and have a say and let us know what you think?! (Thank you Ann.)

You can also 'click' on to General Updates and view our current (and past) magazines.


* Would you like to purchase a past copy of our magazine (while they last)? $7 per copy (includes postage). Contact Alan-0427824646)


* Our fourth Quarterly Newsletter ( "CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER" SUMMER Issue 2017 is now on our 'site'.


 * We have produced a "SPECIAL Limited Edition" 2015 Commemorative Calendar.

These wonderful "Keepsakes" are still available to purchase @ $7  each (Incl Postage).


* Our Centenary DVD's are now available ($20 each-incl postage). This DVD is a wonderful memento of the Queens Park (Sydney) Centenary Parade.

* We have a limited number of Centenary "POLO" Shirts, with pocket ($70). Let me know your size. The payment details for any of the above is listed below.

Your purchases will greatly assist our finances.

(You may pay by cheque or Money Order to; "5 Field Ambulance Association" and post to either Brian Tams, Hon Treasurer, 453/1 Scaysbrook Drive, KINCUMBER NSW 2251, OR Alan Curry OAM, Hon Sect, 35/1a Gordon Close, ANNA BAY NSW 2316. If you would like to pay by a Direct Deposit, our banking details are; BSB:637000, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 717253825, ACCOUNT NAME: 5 Field Ambulance Association, BANK: Greater) For further info. please call Alan Curry on 0427824646. Our committee sincerely thanks you in advance.


Join Us

Have you submitted your Application Form to join our Association ($15 per year or LIFE MEMBERSHIP $100) and/or the RAAMC Association Inc.? (This is FREE). If not, please do so. A form is included in each of our quarterly magazines but please contact me if you would like one mailed to you. (Alan Curry OAM 0427.82.4646)


Honour Roll

rising sun

5 Field Ambulance 

2/5 Field Ambulance Playing two up

Members of 2/5 Field Ambulance playing two-up at Blue Beach while waiting for orders to embark for the Oboe 2 operation. Identified are VX21315 Private (Pte) R H Wilshire (1); VX12179 Pte H H Hicks (2); QX38619 Pte R R Pershouse (3); QX50540 Pte C A T Lax (4); NX162657 Pte R J Shields (5); QX37746 Pte W L McGuire (6).



This is NOT a complete list. It is a list of past and present members I have gathered over the  years who have been, or still are, involved in our Association—some have Passed Away.

I have included all the 2/5th WW 2 personnel and some WW 1. If you have been a past member and your name is NOT recorded OR if you have a relative who served in WW 1, WW 2, post WW 2 Militia or National Service with 5th Field Ambulance, and can provide me with their/your details, I would be honoured to add his/her/your name to this Honour Roll.

Alan Curry OAM—Hon Sect. 5 Field Ambulance RAAMC Association. (Mob:0427.82.4646)



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