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Have a browse through some of the albums that were compiled by the late John Straskye go to the Gallery or - Look HERE






The 2 FD Amb Face Book Page has been un archived and is now Live


Kim Merritt has offered to be admin for the FB page


Thanks for the intro Mark Stonehouse.

I have aggreed to be Admin of the 2Fld Ambulance facebook page that has been archived for the last few years. I spent 20 years in the RAAMC from 1975 through till 1996 and although i was never a member of 2Fld Amb I had 2 postings to 11Fld Amb in the 70's and 80's . So I share with you the experiences of being part of a Forward Brigade Medical Unit. My first posting to a Field Ambulance in 1976 was with 20x40 tent wards with stretcher beds with almost all the ammenities of a hospital. Later that changed to to much more mobile treatment sections under 11x33 tents ready to take casualties as soon as the truck tailgates were dropped. Then to the partialy inflatable Trellenborge tents brought in arround 1986/87. technology was rapidly changing over that time as and asi was leaving things like the Life pack 5 and other equipment were just arriving. I hope i can help to reinvigorate your FB page and with your help get your web association site back in action.

Hope to here from you soon.






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