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February 27, 2022, 14:07

Contact Us


Kurt Stahmer - 0404 093 176

 Vice - President



Stuart Jones - 0412 410 019





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ANZAC DAY Sydney 2022

 The Association will march under its Banner

Members,families and friends are invited to convene after the March in the Oasis Room of the Sanctuary Hotel from midday onwards



Colonel Dr Susan Winter

Sue passed away 23 February 2022 after a battle with MND


 to the

1st Field Ambulance Association


The 1 Field Ambulance Association was founded in 1998. The Association’s aims are as follows:

  1. To maintain the history of the 1 Field Ambulance in all its areas of service (i.e. AAMC & RAAMC).
  2. To provide a forum for members of the Association to communicate with each other.
  3. To offer membership to all soldiers and ex-soldiers who have served with the 1 Field Ambulance and the units that have been and will be restructured from it.
  4. To offer the opportunity for the membership to gather as a group on such occasions as ANZAC Day and other gatherings of ex-service personnel.
  5. To hold re-unions and Association dinners to help keep and foster the camaraderie of the members.

I look forward to any past or present members of the 1st Field Ambulance , Medical Company 8 BASB or 1st Health  Company 8 CSSB contacting me as well as relatives of past members.

We parade on  ANZAC day in Sydney,under the banner of the 1 Field Ambulance Association. 

Descendants and family of those who served are particularly welcomed to register with the Association and commemorate with us

Please contact us on the Association's email address.


Kurt Stahmer
1st Field Ambulance Association.


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